This blog will be views of Wincanton from afar and inside the town.


This was taken from half way up Andrews Way and pointing East on a fairly bright and sunny November afternoon.

I first started taking pictures of Wincanton back in 2006, with my first digital camera, a Coolpix and most of the pictures you are about to see I took with that.  I’ve now got a better camera, a Sony NEX-C3 and will probably replace these photos with new ones eventually.  The picture above I took with the Sony, last Saturday actually.

These next two I took in 2009.

That’s Wincanton in the distance.  It looks a fair way doesn’t it, in actual fact it had only taken me about half an hour to get to this point.

Lets get a bit closer.

I see I called three fields to Wincanton, whereas home is at least five fields away.

I have found some more.

The branches do rather get in the way, but I do rather like the effect.

A closer view.

Look at those ash buds waiting to come out.  I think this has to be the best view so far.  Down there is the A303 which you can hear wherever you go;  the downside of walking around Wincanton.

Any way lets get on with it:

Here I’m standing in the Church Yard, not a brilliant one I know but I will get more pictures of the Church Yard and of the Church. St Peters & Paul.

Actually I’ve got this one

Have you ever noticed how peaceful churchyards are sometimes, I guess its when you get away from noise of the streets and traffic.  Any way you will notice that the path branches to the right and along this path is a statue.

This is Ireson family.  At this point I should be able to give you a potted history of the Ireson family but I haven’t got a clue who they were;  but they did have some standing back in the 19th century.  You’ll see the head is missing.  I think it was there when I came to Wincanton but what happened to it I don’t know.

Over there is Church Street leading up to the Market Place and the High Street.

Here’s what it says on the statue.