This is about a walk in the woods in the middle of November.   The woods in question are to be found at Longleat, Wiltshire.    I was with my mother and sister at the time and it was a foggy day, so instead of going up Clay Hill we went into the woods and the following pictures were the result.

You can see it was quite a foggy,  although it was beginning to thin out a bit.

This next picture shows the mist beginning to clear and we could see glimpses of blue sky

The mist is still in the trees.

And the sun managed to break through at times.   But the fog kept returning and we kept on going.

Have you ever noticed how dark and eerie it can get when you are in the woods and fog comes down?

But it began to clear again.

And then the sun came out.

A magical experience.

Providing us with a myriad of autumn leaves.

A lot of them on the ground.

But by now the sun was beginning sink behind the trees and it was getting cold.

And so with thoughts of tea in our minds, we went home.