Very few photos were taken in those days, but I am sure the many children who grew up there have very happy memories of that time. Here are my photos taken in the late 1950’s.

Compton Vallence 003

Deborah Savage and Linda Jones in our garden with our dog
Bumble.  Our cottage was at the top of Tout Hill, one of a pair of semi detached cottages.  What a lovely view of the village in the background.  I dont think it is as open now.   The shed behind them was our toilet at the bottom of the garden, just a bucket and a wooden seat.

Compton Valence 5

The village choir Chris mentioned in his post.  Mrs Shepherd, who’s idea it was, is on the left, my Mum at the back, was the organist, Chris is next to her.  As well as being in the choir it was Chris’s job to pump the organ.

Can’t remember the names of all the people in the picture but think there is Christopher & Jenny Edwards, Terry and David Burt, Veronica Gale, Linda Jones and myself.   The Reverend gentleman at the back is, I think the Rev’d Evans.

Anyone know who the other are.   I think most of the village children at that time were in the choir.

Compton Valence 6

Linda Jones standing by our porch.  Mr and Mrs Battrick lived next door.  The Cottage was called Chrispen Cottage and there was no running water in the house until Dad pumped water from the well in front of the house.  This just fed water to the tap in the kitchen, so no other facilities.   We lived like little Victorian children but it was wonderful and we had so much freedom.

Compton Vallence 004This last picture is of Trixi Mr Battricks cat.  It also shows the wonderful leaded light windows which we had, each one an individual pane of glass, with lead to hold them in place.  I don’t suppose they are there any more.  I remember the patterns of the frost on the window and scraping it off with our fingers.

Happy days!  Would love to see any one elses photos, and hear memories of Compton.    If you follow this blog, you can add comments, and I am sure Chris would be happy to upload your photos.