Cee has given us another black and white challenge, this time animals, any animals I assume. Do butterflies count as animals, yes of course they do.
Butterfly on Buddleia 3-copy_edited-2
I suppose it would look better in colour. Oh well, lets try something else. How about a cow?
How Now Brown Cow; where have I heard that before, oh well what’s next. Do you like goats?
Brown & Black Goat_edited-1
A few years ago I went to an agricultural show with my brand new point and shoot camera and started clicking everything in sight, including that odd looking goat. Brown and black with those odd looking ears. There were some birds of prey there as well……
Bird of Prey 3_edited-1
…..but going back to the goats.
Blue & Brown Eyed Goat_edited-2
I used to keep goats just like that one. British Alpine goats they were called; black and white in colour; not that black and white is a colour, but still this next one is.
A sort of fawny brown and white called a British Toggenburg. But let’s take a last look at the birds of prey section.
Bird of Prey-copy_edited-1
Some sort of Fish Eagle I believe.
Bird of Prey 4_edited-1
What that one is I haven’t a clue.
Nice to be in open green fields with cows and sheep all around you. But perhaps you would prefer to be on the water.
A swan swimming in front of us on the Avon and Kennet canal. Well I think that’s it, just one last picture from the canal.
Water Patterns_edited-1