This time Photo Challenge has fallen open upon the word “Roof”.  So what is does it say about roof;  well one definition  is to go into a rage or other words hitting the roof.   Unfortunately I haven’t got any photos of anybody hitting the roof or any dragons breathing fire which is another definition of being angry. So I shall have to stick with the more conventional meaning of roof which is of course a cover giving protection.
The blue sky or our atmosphere could be termed as a cover protecting us from harmful rays from the sun etc.
Over there is Wincanton. A great many red covers over there protecting a great many houses from the weather.
Roofs can vary in shape or colour. Take the Business Wincanton Trading Estate.
Most of the rooves down there seem to be silver, grey or white although there are some red. That big building to the right with the red roof is Morrisons Supermarket. Some roofs are made of thatch.
Uncle Toms Cabin, sadly no longer with us. I believe it has now been turned into a museum for cider.
Some may argue that grey looks better than red.
Chrispen Cottage 3
Not taken at Wincanton.
Some boats have roofs……..
Black & Cream Barge_edited-2
……even having gardens
Things on the roof_edited-1
Both pictures taken on the Avon and Kennet Canal.
Our church roof here in Wincanton has a lovely shape to it in the dark.
Last winter half the church roof was covered with a white tent while repairs were carried out.
Just one more thing, even some rivers have roofs.

See ya!