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Cees Black&White Challenge: Transportation

This week’s black and white challenge is Public Transport. Not a lot of public transport in Wincanton, but we do have buses at least we do at the moment. Let’s get up to the Memorial Hall where all the buses stop and where we catch them. When I say all, we have two main buses but let’s see what up there.
There are two or three passengers waiting and that little bus over there is…..
…..the bus run by South West Coaches. It goes to Shaftesbury via Mere and Gillingham. Their depot is here in Wincanton.
Looks like they’ve got a depot in Portland, Dorset; didn’t know that. Ah, here comes the other bus.
As you see this one is bigger and runs between here and Yeovil via Sherborne. Doesn’t look as if there is anybody on it.
It’s backing into the bay, better get out of the way.
Here we are back on the pavement, should be safe here while it’s backing up.
Let’s get to the other side where the passengers get on.
Looks as though there was at least one passenger on the bus.
Its coming on to rain again.
We’ll just see the last one on then we’ll…..
…..go on home.

My Hometown: Week Four -Unique Week


This week’s My Home Town challenge is Unique, so I have decided to do the Rec. Now I realise that most towns and cities have recreation areas, but this particular recreation ground is unique to Wincanton. Most of these pictures were taken during Spring and Summer.
Over there you can see the bridge over the river at the entrance to the Rec and behind me……
… the cricket pitch. That tree over there is an oak and behind those buildings is the cemetery. The path runs right from the bridge, past the shelter…..
…..which has seen better days. Six or seven years ago it used to look much better.
That was taken 5 November 2006. The little path continues past the shelter for about another 50 yards then through a little gate…..
…..and out here into a little park like area.
The Oak & the Hawthorn_edited-1
Lovely isn’t it. The path then continues onwards past some lovely trees.
I used to see rabbits in the early morning under those trees in the summer. This particular area is prone to flooding and sometimes…..
…..ones feet got a little damp. Well, behind me is the Skate Park and Morrisons Supermarket. Today the Rec and footpath from the Rec to the Skatepark look a little different.

See you next week!

My Hometown: Week 3- Main Street

Hi, glad you can join me. It is time to show you more of where I live in week 3 of the weekly challenge of My Hometown. As you will recall from last week my home town is Wincanton in Somerset. I am at the moment standing in the church yard; behind me is the Church and behind that is the path that I showed you last week leading down to the Recreation Ground. But ahead of me is the main Street leading from West to East through Wincanton.
It is called Church Street and leads up to the Market Place and the High Street. So lets get on out there.
We’ll cross over here and walk up the other side.
Looks a long way up there doesn’t it. Actually it is not all that far.
We are now approaching the Market Place; isn’t this exciting!SONY DSC
Now that is a most odd thing, the sign post up there says the Race Course is back the way we came up, whereas it should be pointing up to a road that branches immediately to my left, which you can’t see, that takes us north out of Wincanton past the race course. The road up there branching to my right……
…….takes us out of Wincanton to the south to Sherborne and Yeovil. But we’ll continue up and join the High Street.
But before we go any further up, let’s take a look back down where we have come up.
You can see where we came up to the right of the picture. There’s the Town Hall with the clock and to the left is the road leading to Sherborne and Yeovil. Right we’ll carry on up the road. Actually there isn’t a lot left to see up here; but there are one or two shops.
There is the aptly named Divine Wines and across the road there is………
…….Uncle Toms Cabin. It has now been turned into a Museum for Cider; been tempted to go in there, but perhaps not. A little further down we passed……
……Disc World. It appears to have gotten dark all of a sudden; I don’t think there is much left to see anyway.
I’ll see you next week. Bye!

My Home Town: Week 2- Fences

This challenge is about fences around my home town.  As I missed the first challenge I had better give a brief description. My home town is Wincanton, a small market town in South Somerset.  You will find Somerset in the southern half of England here in the United Kingdom.  Somerset is the next county above Dorset which is on the South Coast and we are on the South Somerset/North Dorset border close to the Black Down Hills.


In this picture we are looking at Wincanton through a hedge, which is a sort of fence. You can see a lot of these hedges like this over there between here and the town. A lot of these fields have footpaths through them. Most of England has fields like this surrounded by hedges. Now I’ll take you up to north side of the town.
You see that fence down there. That has wire netting attached to it to stop the cows poking their heads through. Down there in the town to the left of the picture is the Recreation Ground. I am on the way there now.
I am now approaching the Recreation Ground. It is commonly known as the Rec which is behind me. Okay I’ll turn around.
There, you can just see the Rec through those trees. Looks as though the leaves are starting to fall although the leaves on the trees are still green.
Well, here we are at the entrance to the Rec. Plenty of fences around here. Just over there is a bridge under which the river flows through Wincanton.
Looks as though the top of this fence could do with a lick of paint. Actually a bit more than a lick.
Not a terribly big river is it. Looks at though it could do with a bit cleaning out. Now I have entered the Rec and walking along the path.
Over there just in before fence and just in front blossoming trees is the river. Actually as you can probably see, I took that picture in the Spring. I am now heading to the skate park, but I cannot show any more because there no more fences between here and skate park. But there is a fence just outside the skate park.
If you look through the top of this fence you’ll see the path leading back from the skate park to the Rec.
I expect you are getting bored with fences so I’m off home now.


The Town of Wincanton

This blog will be views of Wincanton from afar and inside the town.


This was taken from half way up Andrews Way and pointing East on a fairly bright and sunny November afternoon.

I first started taking pictures of Wincanton back in 2006, with my first digital camera, a Coolpix and most of the pictures you are about to see I took with that.  I’ve now got a better camera, a Sony NEX-C3 and will probably replace these photos with new ones eventually.  The picture above I took with the Sony, last Saturday actually.

These next two I took in 2009.

That’s Wincanton in the distance.  It looks a fair way doesn’t it, in actual fact it had only taken me about half an hour to get to this point.

Lets get a bit closer.

I see I called three fields to Wincanton, whereas home is at least five fields away.

I have found some more.

The branches do rather get in the way, but I do rather like the effect.

A closer view.

Look at those ash buds waiting to come out.  I think this has to be the best view so far.  Down there is the A303 which you can hear wherever you go;  the downside of walking around Wincanton.

Any way lets get on with it:

Here I’m standing in the Church Yard, not a brilliant one I know but I will get more pictures of the Church Yard and of the Church. St Peters & Paul.

Actually I’ve got this one

Have you ever noticed how peaceful churchyards are sometimes, I guess its when you get away from noise of the streets and traffic.  Any way you will notice that the path branches to the right and along this path is a statue.

This is Ireson family.  At this point I should be able to give you a potted history of the Ireson family but I haven’t got a clue who they were;  but they did have some standing back in the 19th century.  You’ll see the head is missing.  I think it was there when I came to Wincanton but what happened to it I don’t know.

Over there is Church Street leading up to the Market Place and the High Street.

Here’s what it says on the statue.

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